Thigh Lifting

What is the Thigh Lifting?

Getting old, having motionless life style, gaining weight and losing weight within very limited time are all causes to loosening of the tissues and skin of the body part. Especially for inner part of the leg could be loosen after some incidents. Many women complain about this situation and they want to have a solution. Thigh lifting operations are very popular.

With thigh lifting operations, fat formation on thigh region and inner part of upper leg, is threw away. Many woman ask this operations for leg aesthetic and their attractive body. Leg thinning and leg thickening operation are one of the application of plastic surgery for leg region.

 How to Operate Thing Lifting Operation?

Over years and some reasons are lead to problems on body system. Especially gaining and losing weight is main reason for, prolapsing of the skin on leg. For saving esthetic view and other reasons cause to have a desire for Leg thinning. These operations could be beneficial for short but muscled legs. The muscles are taken during leg thinning operation.

Legs are vital role for movement system. Therefore, some trouble could be seen on legs easily. After facing with troubles on leg, people have to ask for help to inner leg thinning. Prolapsed skin surgery also being done by specialist at İstanbul aesthetic center.

Some Warnings for after Thigh Lifting Operation

Previous conditions for thigh lifting surgery must be obeyed by patient. Firstly, patient should have to cut usage of alcohol, aspirin and cigarette for last 3 weeks. For last one week, some medicine should be finished. The operations for thigh region, could be proceed for 1 or 2 hours.

If all conditions are normal, the patient will be discharged from hospital after operation and during day. Stitches are under the skin therefore they will be disappear spontaneously. After 6 week after operation, every task could be done by patient.