Frequently Asked Questions

Thigh Reduction

+May I Face With Any Kind Problem After Surgery?
Due to sweating too much in that region, infection, wound dehiscence could be seen during early period. This defection can be solved with medical attention, antibiotic treatment and dressing. During late period, the patient may have “lymphocele” named swelling that is occurred on cut region on body. This swelling could be disappear after fluid intake with automatically or medical attention.
+How Big the Scar on Body?
Some scar that is extensible until inguinal region to knee cap region, could be seen according to skin excesses,
+What is the technique of the Surgery? Is That Tracer One?
After consideration of the patient, preplanning stage started. Adding or do not add liposuction or according to patient expectation: The doctor will decide to Short Cut? Long Cut? T Shaped Cut? Unfortunately, quality of the skin will be effective for trace permanence.

Arm Reduction (Brachioplasty)

+How Big The Consisted Trace?
The trace could be restricted with only armpit region or it could proceed until elbow.
+What Kind of Problems May I Have After Operation? Is It A Handicap for Lifting Weight?
Infection and Bleeding problems could be seen after surgery as like any other ones. But, the most seen occasion is wound dehiscence due to being stretched region. Generally, closed dressing help for closing automatically. Rarely, second operation necessity could be seen. This patient group is recommended to restrict their lifting weight habits for three months.
+How Long Does It Take to Having Normal Life Standard?
It can be changeable patient to patient but, normally within 1 or to second week, the patient is expected to back their normal life standard. Corset usage leads for 2 to 6 weeks according to application.
+Is There Any Scar? How is the Scar View?
As like any other surgery, this operation has also scar. Scar valid time is dependable on technics or to skin quality of the patients. After surgery, the surgeon crew is making an effort for to prevent any scar on body. Surgery scar is planned to be position on bikini line and therefore, the surgery scar can’t be noticed from the outside.
+What is the Mini-Abdomen Lifting (Mini-abdominoplasty)? Who else can be done?
Skin prolapsing application can be operated to only patient that have prolapsed layer under navel point. This operation is held with do not reforming new navel. Muscle repairing or do not repairing is decided before the operation during inspection. This kind of operation is generally implemented on patient that has not any weight problems and sportive ones. In some occasions, after liposuction, the patient is implemented additional applications.

Fat Graft Applications

+When will I Back to Normal Life after Application?
According to having fat graft applications, the patient can back to their daily routines within 5 days to 3 weeks. For high sized fat application, 2 weeks period is essential.
+Which Part of Body is more Eligible for Fat graft Operations?
Face part of the body is one of the most implemented area for fat graft. Brazil butt, popular ones besides. Dorsum of the hand and breast are another region that is implemented fat filling operation.

Degreasing (Liposuction)

+Is My Body Get Prolapsed after Liposuction?
In case of implementation on to right patient, it is helpful for body tighten. According to body structure, after laser, ultrasonic and radio frequency applications body can get more tighten.
+Is there any Scar could be Left?
After operation, depend on the cannulas sizes (3-4,5 mm), some basic scar can be seen as cut for surgery to get in to body. For the further steps, this scar is not expected to be clear.
+Which Part of the body may have Liposuction Application?
The region that have over fat settlement on any part of the body may have operation. The application is mostly implemented on to abdomen, arms, thigh, basin, waist and jowl regions.


+When Can I Start to Gym after Surgery?
One of the most wondered question. In order to fixing gynecomastia, separately from the surgery technics, passive exercises are started on first month, active exercises are recommended to start after 1,5 month.
+Which Technic is İmplemented for Surgery? Is it Scar Left One?
In order to fixing of gynecomastia, liposuction and surgical excision or both of them can be implemented as combined operation to patient. This operation decision can be taken after examination on fat tissue, breast tissue and skin excision. Due to operation device, little cut can left scar. With surgical technics, size is changed and operation implied on nipple around. Scar left is not expected even though changeable due to individual effects.
+Is Medicine Treatment Possible? Is there any Investigation before surgery?
The underway reason that is hormonal, tumoral and medicine related are eliminated. Hormonal reasons are treated with medicine. In order to understand of breast tissue’s structure, ultrasound evaluating is implemented. The nonmalignant changes is defected, gynecomastia fixing operation is done.

Breast Reduction

+Is there any problem after Operation? Is there numerous Scar after Operation?
After operations, in rare occasions, bleeding, infection and wound dehiscence are showed up. This situation is spoken to you by surgeon before operation. Compare with other breast operation, the scar could be more but, for the first 6 months of period, with medicine usage, less scar is provided.
+Do I Face with Problems for Breastfeeding?
If the nipple’s position to breast canals stay on hold, there will not be expected to have trouble with breastfeeding.  In rare occasions, the technic for protection on breast canals, nipple could be disappeared and therefore, breastfeeding problem may be seen.
+How Much Reduction is done? Is Re-expansion is Possible?
Reduction operation is done according to patients wishes. After operation, expansion could be seen due to pregnancy. After pregnancy, size can be permanent.

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)

+After Surgery the Operation Can Lead to Breast Cancer?
There is no further information about after having breast lifting or breast reduction operations that cause to breast cancer. If it is necessary, before operation, ultrasound and mammography is taken. After specific age layer, all women are recommended to have health scans.
+Is There Any Problem with Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?
Two of the situation is not effected from operation but pregnancy plans should be delayed for about six months.
+Is Nipping Lost Its Sense?
After operation, loss of sense is normal but within first couple months everything possible turns into normal. Permanent loss of sense is seen rarely.
+Which Technics is Preferred? Is too much trace left?
Some technics are described for breast lifting surgery. After consulting to doctor, which style is better you may decide. Due to implied technic, all traces could be show up around the nipple, with the shape of “İ” or opposite “T”. Clarity of traces is changeable due to individual specialty and after all, it could be reduced by wound care.

Breast Lifting

+Do I Get Pregnant After Surgery? Do I Face with Breastfeeding Difficulties?
Due to proceeding of wound recovery process, getting pregnancy is predicted to harmful for breast tissue and therefore it isn’t recommended. The implant that is placed under muscle and breast tissue is not effective for breastfeeding.
+Do I Need to Change Implant?
Right now, state of the art technology product of implant isn’t need to be changed. But in case of aging, losing and gaining weight, prolapsing on breast tissue cause to make implant perceptible. Then, during reshaping and recovery surgery operations, the patient is recommended to change implant.
+After Operation Do I Face with any Problem? Is Silicon Exploded? Does Prosthesis Wane?
All operations have risks. Previous stage for surgery and being careful during operation are can reduces to all risks. All tiny risks can be get by doctor and patient harmony. Last technology product of implant isn’t expected to explode except for intentional or accidentally external intervention. In case of explode or leaking to body, there won’t be any harm to body but anyway, taken out or changing is recommended.

Foreign body causes to overreaction of the body for rejection to application. That is rarely seen with rate of %3-5. Overreacting situation may cause to ache on breast and therefore, ejection is suggested.

+Where is the area for Implant Positioning and How?
After examination for breast, implant placement is decided to under mammary gland or behind breast muscle. Act upon, implant sizes, with cut on armpit point, nipple surrounding or under breast, implant can be placed.  Surgeon experience is important beside.
+What is the Implant Content? How to İmplant choose? The size I Want Can be Placed?
Silicon filled and saline composed implants can be implied due to technologic improvements and experiences. Due to having relate with breast tissue, silicon filled implant is preferred more much. Suitability to body lines, patient demands and doctor experiences are effective to specify size of implant.

Nose Aesthetic

+What is the nose revision surgery (secondary rhinoplasty)?
After nose surgery’s failure, this operation could be operated as second or third step. The patients biggest issue is come up if the first surgeon is different one. Cartilage structure is used for reshaping of the nose during operation. If the cartilage structure do not contain sufficient tissue for nose reshaping, rib and the external ear cartilage is useable. Another problem is, having too much recovery on nose oedema and scar tissue. Oedema problem can be solved after 1 year from operation. For scar tissue, operational and surgical method are a compulsory.

Rhinoplasty is alteration surgery that both in terms of application methods and face relevance. Before the operation, face analysis is done for finding suitable nose structure. Today, aesthetic is holistic application. Nose is not only shaping problem but also has another meaning for face profile. From now on, during evaluating, natural nose structure is also necessitate for jowl, forehead and cheek regions structure at the same time. At least, I have interview with patients for two times and evaluate them to understand their readiness situation. Motivation is always bring success.

+What is the Issues That May Arise after Surgery?
During early period after surgery, some troubles could be happen due to oedema and intranasally tampon. Runny nose, lacrimation and sneezy feeling are main problems. All problems are generally solved within 2 to 3 days after taken out of the tampon.

Another rare risk is infection. The redness, aches on nose and fever are symptoms of the infection. In such a case you should appeal to your doctor.

All deformity on noses will be show up within 3 months after getting lost of the %70 oedema. Tiny changes are generally followed without any operation but in case of medical intervention necessity, you may see your doctor and may have plan a surgery for after 6 to 12 months could be very logical.

+What is the non-surgical nose Aesthetic?
Nose point and nose part reshaping operations are done with filling and Botox methods. Here the important point is, patient selection should be accurate. All patient does not appropriate. The patient who had surgery before or tiny deformed parts on nose patients are recommended to have this surgery.

I think Botox have spare area but not filling. Some restricts are available for filling application. It must be known that filling provides overrun. I think, with filling, nose bigger and reduction couldn’t be possible. Permanent filling is also another handicap in my opinion.

With the effect of technological era, this application can be accepted as simple operation. But it may be remarked that; nose aesthetic that is operated with filling, complication possibility is high risk. Therefore, operator must be doctor and the item content must be known by patient.

+Is Rhinoplasty Achiness Surgery?
After nose surgery, generally ach is over after operation but, reshaping operation on nose bone possibly, achiness for first day. Usage of painkiller should be effective for defeating ach problems.
+What is Nose Point Aesthetic (tipplasty)?
Nose point shaping operation is done on patient who do not have nasal hump. Tipplasty is more simple that Rhinoplasty, because, go back to normal life more easier, tiny oedema formation and do not use splint.

Even if not for not all patient, local anesthesia is another advantageous. I would like to point out that, the patient very care about that feature.

+Is Open Rhinoplasy or closed one?
With cut under nose point to enter into surgery zone in open Rhinoplasty; with cut inner of the nose to exposure nose structure. Even though, couple of the surgery have superiority to another one; same method for different operation will decrease the success chance of the operation. Therefore I determine the way, according to patient.

The biggest advantage of the closed operation are lasting a short time and after operation having tiny oedema formation. Therefore, nose shape format fast. In open method, advantageous are having direct view point and possibility to have all surgical technics.

İmplant Application for Face

+Which Surgery Method is selected? Is Operation Trace Release one?
Application is generally operated from inner of the mouth. There will be no clear traces.
+Is there any risk for usage of Implant (prosthesis)?
Using item made of silicon and “medpor” named biocompatible one. External dash may make effacer effect. Subalternate surgery may be need. Also, body may give a reaction to foreign body. Then, item should be taken off.

Jowl Aesthetic

+Is There Any Changes on Limp and Neck Area after Jowl Aesthetic?
However, there is no expectation on limp changes, with the stretch on jowl may cause to decreases on double chin.
+Is Surgery put off any Traces?
Jowl operations are mostly operated in mouth. All traces will be sculk in mouth.
+Is There Any Quick Solution?
If the purpose is extending of the jowl, filling that melts within 6 to 24 months, may be used.

Forehead and Eyebrow Aesthetic

+Which Surgery Method is selected? Is Operation Trace Release one?
After evaluating with patient, most appropriate method will be selected. According to method, trace formation is changeable. Generally, surgical cut is done on scalp.
+Is Operation Effective on Gestures?
Although, it is related with the methods, permanent changes on gestures is not expected.

Eyebrow Aesthetic

+Is There Any Problem After Operation?
The problems after operation are, oedema for long period of time, eyebrow excess proceed, can’t close to eyebrow completely. Generally, all problems may be exceeded simply with examination and planning.
+How May I feel after Operation? Is Trace Release one?
You may go back to normal life within in a day, thank to water resistance tampon implement. Due to oedema formation, patient have swelling near to eyes for 2 days. After 3 days, all swelling start to diminish. After one week, stitches are taken out. Even though changes to person to person, do not expected to release any permanent traces.
+How does it take for Eye Operation?
Temper to method of the surgery, the eye operations will be ended within 45 minutes generally tough. If the target is lower lids, the operation will be over within 2 hours.

Neck Aesthetic – Neck Stretching Operation

+How Much Does it Take to Go Back Normal Life?
However, within couple of days is predicted, corset wearing is recommended. Corset usage time is changeable.
+Which Surgery Method is selected? Is Operation Trace Release one?
Generally, young patient appeals for over fat formation on neck. In that case, the method will be local or liposuction operation. Result can be watched easily. For further age stages, stretching process chooses. All traces are hidden to back of the ear and below the jowl. In order to deal with obvious formation, Botox is another asset.

Face Rejuvenation

+What is Stretching Operation? What kind of Applications are done?
Loosening and prolapsed tissues is fixed. The principal operations are face stretching, forehead and eyebrow stretching, neck stretching, eyebrow aesthetic, hanging with rope, eyebrow lifting. Additionally, size raiser applications are done frequently.
+I want to get tighten my skin, what can I Made as Application?
Radio frequency is leading application for body tighten operations. This operation makes tighten below skin and deep tissue and therefore it should be done frequently. It gives happily results for appropriate patient.
+Is There Only Application for My Skin?
Some application that provides skin rejuvenation and skin’s wake is available. Body care, peeling, dermatomere application, laser application and mesotherapy application are leading ones.
+Can I Made on My Face All Kind of Applications?
All kind application can’t be implemented on to face. Some defection that mainly cause from aging on face, should be fixed. It should not be forgotten that aging is long-term process and reverse process will be extended period of time. There is no miracle treatment but appropriate one that is most eligible one.


+Is PRP has any side effect?
With PRP organization, individual blood is used and therefore there is no expect for side effect. There is no infection and operated by a surgeon are important for patient.
+Is PRP application agonizing?
The pain is similar with taking blood process. During PRP application, cream is applied on to body to painless process.
+Can I see the effect of the PRP immediately?
After application a shine is seen but; main effects will come up in further weeks. General shine and decreasing on wrinkles can be seen. Dark spots are going to be diminished slowly.
+How much does it take for PRP? How often should I made it?
Application will be end within 30 minutes. All sessions totally should be 3 times and all one should be one time in 3 week. It could be okay for one time operation in a year besides.


+Can I face any trouble after operation? Is there any side effects?
Permanent fillings are seen often. All problems that are redness, oedema, itching will be passed within 3 days. After one week, herpes infection, allergic infections formation are possibility. For long-term possible effects are gralunoma and ulceration. Even so, all effects are decreased by high level of technology.
+Which part of the body is eligible for filling?
Filling applications are changeable to patients demand but anyway mostly implemented parts are face, arm, breast lifting and nip lifting operations. Lacrimal duct named area is specifically can be fixed. Cheekbone and jowl reshaping are another successful process.
+What is permanence date of the operation? What is the frequency for another operation?
Temporary fillings effect are changes couple months to 2 years. Permanent fillings operation is for lifetime. According to patient it could be changeable but, with temporary filling, mostly used one is hyaluronic acid. I repeat the application within 6 to 9 months.
+What is the content of the filling? Is harmful for my body?
Fillings are separated into two group with absorbable or not. Absorbable is also named as temporary; ıs contains hyaluronic acid, polydactyl acid, dextran and calcium hydroxyapatite. Non-absorbable one contains silicon, polyacrylamide. All content is prepared for healthy solution. Permanent fillings side effect is seen rarely.


+May I face any problem after Botox?
After operation, there is no side effect statement is not true. Even though, Botox seem as simple operation, you need to have an expert surgeon. In case of medical incorrect attention may cause to: facial asymmetry, eyelid landfall, eye brow over-straighten.
+How often should I made?
Botox effect is proceeded until 4 to 6 months. It related with body reaction to medicine. Guessingly, metabolic rate speed is effective on efficiency.
+How to operated Botox? Is effect start instantly?
During examination, Botox area is applied drug cream and wait for 20 to 30 minutes. Some of the patients can tolerated the process and therefore operation can be start directly. After 3 days all effect can be seen until 1 week, all result most probably be seen.
+When should I made Botox?
During mid-twenties, some complains could be seen; elder stage, it may not worked. It should be noted that, there will be big difference with formatted wrinkles and newly formed ones.

Generally I urge my patient to have this application before sun, thus sunbeam welding wrinkles may be solved.

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